Where to Wrangle the Walleye in Minnesota


Where to Wrangle the Walleye in Minnesota

By Amy Lignor

The infamous Walleye was designated by Minnesota to be their official state fish back in 1965 and can be found thriving throughout Minnesota’s lakes and rivers. For those anglers who want nothing more than to see the eyes of these particular prey as they are pulled into a boat at the end of their own personal line, it is important to know that teaming up with the perfect guide makes for the perfect (and successful) fishing adventure. When it comes to guides, Linden Park Resort – which is set along the beautiful sandy beaches of East Battle Lake in Ottertail County – offers up educated, talented, and expert guides who know exactly where the walleye is just waiting to be snagged. On top of that, by offering new lakefront cabins, even non-fishing fans can enjoy their stay. With stunning views, swimming, boating, nearby golf courses, and a whole lot more, even those interested in the camping scene are taken care of by the RV Park that also plays a part here.  


At Linden Park Resort, the Minnesota Fishing Guide Service guarantees you catch fish! And, they guarantee it so completely that the guide will literally not charge a fee if your trip is anything other than a complete success. Even more importantly, this means that in the months of July & August (Walleye season), you can be assured that they are in supply and just waiting there for you to catch.


  U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captain Josh Hagemeister, professional guide, serves up all kinds of fully-outfitted trips. Whether you are looking at a single angler trip for the loner, a family vacation, or a business conference, the captain takes the “helm” and shows off both the fishing action and stunning Minnesota scenery. If you wish to go after Walleye (his personal specialty), or perhaps the Smallmouth or Largemouth Bass, Panfish, Northern Pike or Muskies, he can help you do it all. The resume is long for this man, from being a fishing guide for 20 years to working as an instructional guide for In-Fisherman Magazine’s “Camp Fish.” Over the years he has also provided an extensive seminar series to many community education groups, published a sportsman’s outdoor newspaper, excelled in a variety of fishing tournaments and more, making him one of the “best” guides to lay your trust in as you make your way out on the water. It is also important to note when making your plans to visit Minnesota, that on East Battle Lake both fishing boats and resort pontoon boats can be rented – and at great prices. The choices include 14-foot aluminum fishing boats ($20/per day, $80 per week) and 16-footers with 15HP 4 Stroke Engine ($45/per day, $195/per week). Or, you can head for the pontoon boats that include 20-foot Starcraft Pontoon boats, 60 HP 4 Stroke ($150/ per day, $900/pre week), and 25-foot Premier Pontoon boats, 60HP 4 Stroke ($160/per day, $999/per week). No matter which you choose, you are looking at climbing aboard a craft that is perfect for achieving relaxation, and excitement when going to battle with those walleye. And when it comes to those new cabins, the list of choices is also a great one, with cabins varying in size to meet the space and bedroom requirements of both family and friends.


  Even though in many locations, looking out the window at a still white world has people thinking that July is way too far away to worry about right now. Truth is, the summer months are moving closer and closer no matter what it feels like. (Not to mention, going to this website will allow you to “warm up” and be thrilled at the prospect of fishing on that incredible lake.) So, if you wish to achieve success and wrangle a walleye, head to http://lindenparkresort.net/. You will not only view the area and read up on the successful guides, but you will also be able to reserve one of those extremely comfortable cabins today. When July arrives, you’ll be thankful you did.    


Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com


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