The Supreme Fun of Scrapbooking


The Supreme Fun of Scrapbooking

by Amy Lignor


Talk about the perfect hobby to learn when you’re thinking about how to organize and keep those precious and most cherished moments in life all together, so that the next generation can enjoy them too. Not to mention, when it comes to taking up scrapbooking, you have a blank canvas, so to speak. Scrapbooking can be used for many different things, not only for the family pics. You can create all different kinds of designs, and it’s your imagination and ideas that could turn a scrapbook into the ultimate gift.

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Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take up scrapbooking but aren’t sure where exactly to begin. Not a problem at all. Here we will provide tips and steps that will allow you to begin putting together that first scrapbook. But be warned…the hobby is so much fun that chances are you will not want to stop at one.


First, easy enough, choose your album size. When asking around, you will discover that the two most popular formats for scrapbooking are 12”x12” and 8.5”x11”. The reason for their popularity is the fact that there are many colored and patterned papers designed that will accommodate these two sizes. 12”x12” will allow room for more photos and embellishments, so if you’re a little nervous about how to fill up that amount of space, stick to the 8.5”x11” and you’ll be more relaxed.


The second step is all about your imagination. Creating a scrapbook is simply about telling a story, so choose your topic. Think about the moments in your life you’d like to document; or perhaps the moments in someone else’s life you wish to document so you can give your scrapbook as a gift. Once you have a theme, selecting your pictures and mementos to fill the scrapbook will be easy.


Keep something in mind: Don’t feel like you need to include every single picture that relates to your chosen story or theme into one scrapbook. There will be others to create, so just choose your favorites for each project. Also, choose photographs with great lighting, that are in-focus and not blurry, and even detailed shots to fill the album. For example, if putting together a scrapbook representing a child’s first year, choose pics that include the baby’s favorite toy, favorite place or location in the house, etc., and those big, wide, smiley photographs are always a must.


The third step is most likely the most daunting for people: choosing your layout. Look at the pictures and think about it…what do I want the reader’s eyes to focus on? If there’s one particular photo you wish the reader to be drawn to, than place the photo on the page where it stands out from all the rest. And don’t be afraid to trim and cut the photos. Scrapbooking is a fun way to “frame” these pictures, so there is no reason why you need to use them in their traditional size.


Once you have a layout in mind (and there are a variety of sites that can help you with mock layouts and designs), all you need to begin are the scrapbooking tools. These would include: patterned/colored paper and/or card stock; acid-free adhesive (tape runner and/or liquid); embellishments, like stickers; a paper trimmer or sharp scissors; the photographs you wish to use; and, the page protectors for the album itself.


The one piece of advice you have to take, for all you future scrapbooking kings and queens, is that there is no wrong way to scrapbook. This is your life, your dreams, your gift to someone – and it is all up to you when it comes to the design. There are literally a ton of websites and videos/tutorials on YouTube that can offer help if you seek it. Simply type the words “scrapbooking tips” in your Google search bar and you’ll be given a whole bunch of places to visit. Even the ultimate professional when it comes to design, Martha Stewart, is there if you need her. Simply visit,


Now…get to scrapbooking and enjoy!





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