The “Must-Have” Item for Autumn Through Spring


The “Must-Have” Item for Autumn Through Spring

by Amy Lignor


When the leaves begin to change; the snow begins to fall; and when the first cardinal hops on that tree branch to herald spring, there is one true “must-have” item that needs to be in everyone’s closet. This item keeps your head warm and dry and makes it far more difficult for flus or fevers to bring you down and


spoil your good times in the Great Outdoors. The knit cap (AKA: “beanie”) is exactly what does all this…and more.

At the forefront of peoples’ minds now is going on that perfect hunt or enjoying that perfect camping weekend. As we all know, however, those autumn temps that bring about lovely, brisk days then change quickly to usher in truly frigid nights. That’s why the knit cap needs to be at the top of your clothing list. Wool, fleece, canvas, and some even waterproofed, represent only a small niche of the thousands that are sold daily by some of the best companies focused on keeping you comfortable from now through spring.


So…before you go out and buy that sombrero, take some time to choose wisely. When autumn arrives, a beanie is the most efficient and (believe it or not) stylish accessory worth investing in. Well beyond keeping your ears from freezing off, a good knit cap has the power to instantly aid in keeping you comfortable at night or out in the field, keeping you dry, and even offering camouflage to the hunter.


Whether shopping Cabela’s to Natural Gear, you can find any and all just waiting for you. Take the Fisherman’s Beanie at Cabela’s. Its thick ribbing and shallow crown actually makes you feel like a naval seaport might be right nearby. Grab one that fits snug on the head, and going for the gray or navy blue makes them perfect for the fishing scene.


Natural Gear offers the Stealth Hunter Beanie Hat among many. With its ultra-smooth shell built from a stretch poly and lined with warm, comfortable high-pile fleece, this is one that will keep the hunter warm, dawn to dusk. And by choosing it in camouflage, you will be well-concealed in order to bring down that trophy you’ve been waiting all summer to get.


Canvas is another winner when talking in terms of a wildfowl beanie. Canvas is very durable which makes it perfect as an all-purpose cap; you can use this whether shoveling the drive when winter hits or scoring the waterfowl on your first hunting trip.


Beanies give you all the benefits needed during all three seasons. By being durable, windproof, waterproof, yet breathable fabrics – you name it – they are ideal for fishing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and any other outdoor sport you can think of. So add this item to your wardrobe today. And placing an extra one in the glove compartment never hurts either!


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