Team Evinrude Looks Back on a Year Where Confidence Made the Difference


Team Evinrude Looks Back on a Year Where Confidence Made the Difference


Over the past year, we spoke to a number of professional anglers about what led to their success. In these conversations, they have talked about strategy specific to tournaments, as well as the impact of weather and what lures to use; but the one thing that has come up over and over again is having confidence in their engine choice. To achieve success at this level, anglers must have complete faith in their equipment.

In the final FLW regular season event held on the Potomac River in Marbury, Maryland, in June 2017, Bryan Thrift claimed the Angler of the Year (AOY) title. Since Thrift joined the FLW Tour in 2007, he has consistently finished in the top 10 in the AOY race. In his first season with FLW, Thrift took home the FLW Tour Rookie of the Year award, and he first won the prestigious FLW Tour Angler of the Year trophy in 2010.

“The key to my success in 2017 was flexibility and confidence,” said Thrift. “Every tournament this year was different, ranging from shallow water to deep water fishing, lakes, rivers and even having to deal with tides at the last event on the Potomac River. I find that almost every year I have been a professional angler, one bait seems to outshine the rest. It varies from year to year, but I call it my confidence bait. In 2017, it was the Damiki Stinger soft stick bait. I fished it a number of different ways from weightless to Carolina rigged. One of my favorite patterns is a Texas rig casted to isolated structure. This is where my Evinrude E-TEC G2 came in. When I fish this way, there is a lot of running. Maybe not long runs, but my engine will be stopped and started no less than a hundred times in a tournament day. Having a motor that can handle that pace is something special, and it makes me more efficient. The G2 has so much torque and gets on plane so quickly it allows me to fish more targets faster and ultimately putting more fish in the boat. Fishing this way accounted for over half of the fish I weighed in for the 2017 season. If I could offer any advice, it would be to fish your confidence bait and make sure you have that same confidence in all of your equipment.”

Eric Olson has fished competitively for 17 years and in 2010, the Red Wing, Minnesota native became the top money winner on the FLW Walleye Tour. In 2017, Olson was ranked Cabela’s National Walleye Tour 2nd place Angler of the Year.

“The biggest contributor to my fishing success this past year was being patient. I typically fish jigs, my favorite presentation, which helped me finish well in every event that I entered. I primarily used either a VMC Moon Eye jig and a minnow or Rapala Jigging Raps. Once I developed a certain level of confidence in my baits, I had to have that same confidence in my equipment. Long runs were the norm in many of the events that I was in; some included runs of almost 100 miles one way. Knowing that the fuel economy of my Evinrude E-TEC G2 would allow me to go faster and further gave me more time to fish. A perfect example was Lake Erie which included a 40-mile run with 30 miles per hour winds and 8-foot waves. That is the kind of combination that could have led to running out of fuel, driving while fatigued and having a really bad day. The torque of the G2 and the built-in power steering made it easy to stay at the top of my game. Confidence in your bait, confidence in the bite and confidence in your equipment make for much easier on-water decisions. This is what really separates good anglers from great anglers and makes for successful seasons. This year I was fortunate enough to be at the top amongst the best in the world and with a second-place finish in the NWT Angler of the Year, I guess there’s really only one place that would have made the season better. Having the right combination of tools helping me get there again is a comforting thought moving into the 2018 season.”

Evinrude is bringing that same confidence to the masses with its Perfect Ten Sales Event, giving consumers an industry-leading, ten-year, factory-backed extended service coverage offer on all Evinrude E-TEC and Evinrude E-TEC G2 engines. No other engine manufactures coverage offering even comes close. The Perfect Ten runs through April 30th, during which time consumers who purchase and take delivery of eligible Evinrude E-TEC and E-TEC G2 engines will qualify for ten-year, non-declining, 100% factory-backed extended coverage on both their engine and rigging. Unlike competitors’ coverage, this offering will never be sold to third parties. Coverage is also transferrable to every future owner of the engine – greatly increasing the engine’s residual value. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, having confidence in your equipment is the key to success, and Evinrude is making it a reality.

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