NBA Experts State: “Golden State Will Win the NBA Title…IF”

We already know that whenever the experts or odds-makers speak, the biggest and most important word in their vocabulary, when it comes to the NBA finals (as well as the Super Bowl, World Series, etc.) is…IF. And now that Round 1 has been all wrapped up, the “ifs” just keep on coming.

March Madness May Just Be “Mad” This Season

Attempting to “peg” the NCAA tournament winners and losers this season is as difficult as attempting to cage a ghostly spirit. Reason being, there are so many top squads yet, there is not one or two dominant teams that overshadow the rest of them. Unlike the women’s college basketball arena, where it is almost impossible (for the last gazillion years) to

Steph Curry Becomes First NBA Player Ever to Win MVP Award Unanimously

  Steph Curry Becomes First NBA Player Ever to Win MVP Award Unanimously By Burt Carey Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award a record six times. Michael Jordan and Bill Russell accomplished the feat five times, and Wilt Chamberlain and LeBron James have four MVP awards in their trophy cases. And yet […]

A Rookie Proves the “Slam Dunk” Stage is Necessary

A Rookie Proves the “Slam Dunk” Stage is Necessary ~ Amy Lignor The annual “Slam Dunk” contest was once something everyone talked about; something they wanted to see, where their beloved NBA stars would gather to show their style and grace. Then…it became one of these ‘negatives’ in the basketball community, where the slam dunk […]

Los Angeles, Clippers, NBA, Sterling, saga

At Last…Clipperdom Rests! ~Amy Lignor The Clippers’ situation – ‘Clipperdom’ – has basically been going on so long with so many completely unbelievable statements since this all began, that it began to feel like its own supernatural location: Stephen King’s, Under the…Clipperdom. However, it finally seems that this slightly ridiculous situation is settled. The former […]

Sports Update: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Sports Update: The Good, Bad & Ugly ~ Amy Lignor Well, depending on where you are from and what team, sport, and/or individual player you are a fan of, the actual categories of ‘good’, ‘bad’, and ‘ugly’ may vary. However, this is the skinny when it comes to various sporting events going on right now, […]

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