Sports Stars: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em, You’ll Definitely Remember Their Names


Sports Stars: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em, You’ll Definitely Remember Their Names

by Amy Lignor

When it comes to the sports world there are die-hard fans and die-hard haters causing most of the news that’s trending this month. When milestones are reached and goals are achieved and certain names are constantly heard about, those fans and haters come out in droves to be heard.

If you look at where the realm of sports sits in 2018, there are mega-stars who really seem to bring ‘tweeters’ out of the woodwork. The thing is, whether you love these people or despise them, when your grandchildren ask about them one day, they are the ones you will never forget.


To take a select few that are currently trending, let us begin with basketball. The name LeBron James has been a major name in the sport of basketball since he was barely a teenager – making the cover of Sports Illustrated as a phenomenon junior in high school. Now across the internet, LeBron is trending because he’s become the youngest ever player to reach 30,000 points scored on the court. Not only is this an NBA milestone, but he joins a very exclusive club. And who congratulated him on this achievement first? Himself. He actually went on Instagram and did a lovely congrats to himself for reaching that awesome goal…which he hadn’t yet accomplished. This angered many, as if LeBron was the most egotistical person in the NBA.


Head over to the tennis courts and take a gander at two stars whose names always come out of peoples’ mouths when speaking about the ‘best of the best’. In the female category, you have the brilliant, Serena Williams. With 23 Grand Slam titles, and after her last victory coming in the final of the Australian Open in 2017, when beating her sister Venus, she went out of the news in order to become a mom. Now, she has announced she will return to the American Fed Cup Team for its first-round against the Netherlands on February 10-11. Serena has appeared on the cover of all sports magazines and has spurred both love and anger from tennis fans causing her to once again begin trending all over the internet. There are haters who are already stating that after having a baby, Serena can bid goodbye to ever achieving success again.


On the male side of the court you have Roger Federer. At 36, he is the oldest player to be close to winning the Australian Cup Final. This is his 14th Australian Open and he continues to find a way to beat those younger, supposedly quicker players to the net every single time. Of course, some will say that he did nothing, being that the 21-year-old-opponent who stood in his way to get to the finals dropped out of the contest due to a blister on his foot. So, is it time for him to go and allow a fresh face to take over the headlines? Some say, absolutely. But he will continue his pursuit, most likely winning his 20th Grand Slam championship crown no matter what opinions may be trending.


To find one more big name in a popular sport, it is not hard to find. When you talk about the NFL and the Super Bowl coming closer and closer, the name of Tom Brady is on everyone’s lips. It was just a week ago that the media made this man’s cut hand into a story of ‘O.J. glove’ proportions. In his background, Brady has gone through everything from dealing with deflated footballs (the legendary Deflate Gate) to working with a coach that most experts call “the best coach of all time in any sport.” But no matter how you look at it, Brady has made that saying “40 is the new 20” come true. Being the oldest QB to head to a Super Bowl, and already having five rings decorating his hand, he will be the one player people will both praise and despise whether or not he earns a sixth Super Bowl ring to start decorating his other hand. Yes, the man is 40 and plays better than most QB’s half his age, but he also has an elite supporting cast that is necessary for him to do the ‘magic’ he does so well.


Serena may not be the tennis player she was before becoming a mom. LeBron James may never win another championship (certainly not in Cleveland, as it looks now). Roger Federer may not retire until his eyesight turns so bad that he can’t actually judge the distance to the net. And, yes, Brady may never win that elusive sixth ring – although no one wants to bet on that. But the fact remains that whether you love these headliners or hate them, it doesn’t matter. No matter how you feel about the sports superstars of today, you will most definitely never forget their names.


It will be interesting to see who trends next in the world of sports.






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