Need a Job in 2017? Feel “Free” to Make One for Yourself



Need a Job in 2017? Feel “Free” to Make One for Yourself

by Amy Lignor


One truth in the business world, when it comes to careers, is that being a “freelancer” is what most people want to do. In fact, it has become one of the most popular career choices in 2017. Not really a shock, seeing as that job security has basically gone out the window. There are lists of industries that want freelancers (and, no, you do not have to be a computer genius for most of them.)

Do you like dealing with people and have an attention to detail that borders on being a general in the U.S. Army…why not be a wedding planner? Do you have this skill, talent and need to correct people who spell wrong and can’t seem to understand what freelancer,  personal freedom, talent, personal brand, careers, finance, money, resume, freelance work, digital ageconstitutes bad grammar? Be a freelance editor for either publishing companies or authors, themselves. And, yes, if you are a computer genius, there are a slew of companies who want freelancers: everything from graphic designers who can help build their brand to software developers who can set up and maintain programs. If you have both – computer knowledge as well as being a detail lover who communicates and works extremely well with others – then the fairly new freelance job of virtual assistant (VA) would be perfect for you.


It’s no surprise that freelancers are in high demand. Any business who seeks to hire a freelancer, and lands one who can do the job and do it correctly, not only earns an “employee” they trust, but also an “employee” they don’t need to worry about paying sick time, vacation time, or overtime to; nor do they have to worry about covering them under the dreaded healthcare plan that is given to an on-staff, full-time worker.

The business owner lucks out, but so do you, the freelancer. You may not receive that healthcare plan, but you will receive good wages that you will set yourself based on the industry and your own talents. You will also achieve the one thing everyone wants in their daily lives: absolute personal freedom. You still have deadlines and still have to get projects done right and within the required time frame to be a success, but you do not have a boss staring over your shoulder, or co-workers that you can’t stand yapping over by the water-cooler while you’re trying to get your work done.


The first step down this freelancing path is the most vital step of all: You have to decide if freelancing is actually right for you. Plain and simple. If you decide this is the right career choice, then start making a list of your own skills. Remember, just because you work in the field of…say, accounting right now, you do not have to become a freelance bookkeeper. After taking stock of your skills, you may see that you own expertise is better for another industry – one that will also be more creative and that you will enjoy doing a great deal more.


Now, it’s time to change the resume. Your new freelancer resume has to be so unique that it hits the business owner right between the eyes. You are creating, after all, your own personal brand that is relevant for the industry you have chosen. And, of course, share this resume – unleash this personal brand of yours onto the world. This is the digital age, so use the thousands of social media sites out there to build your name in the industry, make connections, and begin landing clients. You also should invest your time and energy in making a website that buries the competition. That way, prospective buyers will see your site and not need to see anyone else’s for the job, because you fit the bill perfectly.


If you want to change your career path, try something new. With the financial and political worlds being what they are, full-time employees may not even be required by businesses in the future. But don’t worry. With hard work, determination, and the ability to meet the needs of clients, you can be the next successful freelancer.


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Source:  Baret News


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