Ladies Style & Warmth for this fall starts with a Vest!

  Ladies Style & Warmth for this fall starts with a Vest! Any female will tell you that style and fashion are important…to a point. Some search only for that specific color in order to create the WOW factor; yet others want the WOW but do not want to give up the much-needed warmth from their wardrobe choices once the leaves fall and winter comes a callin’.

What people need to understand up front is that the “warm winter vest” is no longer about oversized, bulky gear that turns the beauty into looking like a hunter lost in the North Woods for the past decade. And women, you know what I mean by that. Go on Amazon now, and you’ll find a ton of brands that take care to offer you a multitude of colors and styles, but also make sure they provide that extra warm weather layer that will help keep the cold and flu season at bay.

Vests are the most versatile addition to any wardrobe. When choosing layers to utilize in colder temperatures, a great many people overlook the absolute value and versatility that the vest brings. In many temperatures, outdoor vests can easily take the place of mid-weight jackets, without sacrificing the heat. It works this way: When your core temp starts to drop the body reduces the blood flow to your extremities.

Your skin grows cold because your body is immediately sending the blood flow to your very core in an effort to keep your interior warm. However, if that good vest is in place, your core will not only be insulated—making sure the blood flow does not decrease to your outer layer—but it will also help you be more active by freeing you from the bulky sleeves that come with that heavy winter coat.

We are talking about a slew of fun sports you can enjoy, as well as camping, hunting, skiing and a whole lot more. The vest will even keep you warm while taking that much-needed shopping trip (Here Comes Christmas!) to the always air-conditioned mall. Your arms are free, you enjoy a full range of motion and, if things get too warm, a vest is far easier to store and/or carry than that oversized jacket.

Even in milder temperatures, the vest is the best. Think about it. When you’re active, you can become too warm, which is also a concern. You’ve produced enough heat buried in that jacket, but now you’re feeling a bit faint. What’s the answer? The vest solves it all. As Goldilocks said: “Not too hot. Not too cold. It’s just right.”

When looking at the fashion side of things, make sure to remember that vests come in a wide range of materials. There are even some with different features, such as waterproof pockets or detachable hoods. Some are lined, insulated and are very becoming which makes them one of the “must-haves” for your closet. With the varying weights of the vests, you can also make sure to fit the vest with your level of activity. Versatility, fashion, and warmth – the vest covers all three. Enjoy those cooler temps!  Many colors and styles to choose from Click Here.      



Original Source: Sportsmans  


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