Draft Begins: Deaf, Blind & Dumb with the Commissioner of the NFL


Draft Begins: Deaf, Blind & Dumb with the Commissioner of the NFL

by Amy Lignor


Ah…tradition! There are a great many traditions the NFL holds dear; each year’s draft is one of them. People get excited; newspapers and networks go crazy; fans root for the college souls that proved they would one day become the next Aikman or Starbuck or Montana (or…Manziel, but “black eye” for the NFL, NFL draft, Note to Goodell, Roger Goodell, silly scenario, traditionswe’ll let that one pass). However, what this draft opening proved was that one thing has become a tradition that would make Lombardi roll over in his grave: booing and hissing the supposed “head” of the NFL as he comes out on stage.


Yes, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell walked down the tunnel to the stage, but not with the swagger of, say, Clint Eastwood. He walked quickly, perhaps knowing what was about to happen and wanting to get it out of the way. And he was met with exactly what he assumed when the crowd began to boo as if they were watching the worst movie ever made. Goodell (some say to his credit, but not this writer), proceeded to not break a sweat, move a muscle, or have any light shining in his eyes whatsoever when he announced the first pick was the Los Angeles Rams’ choice of QB, Jared Goff. Goodell stepped away, Goff took the stage, and the booing simply disappeared to be replaced by wild cheers.


And, yes, Goodell looked as if he’d just been to a Church tag sale, not on live TV having the job that he has, and one that he has proven (whether anyone likes it or not) that he has no idea how to accomplish.


Don’t believe that? Then you didn’t also see Goodell on CBS This Morning when he was supposedly celebrating over his win against Tom Brady and the Patriots and completely turned blank when the conversation went to concussions. He kept the silly grin on his face, but literally looked like he was somewhere else as he pretended to be deaf at the question that focused on that one particular NFL problem.


From player safety to financial issues to racism to players beating up their wives to the dumb Deflategate that everyone was sick of hearing about, Goodell has had to be at the forefront of it all. Well…if you don’t want to be, don’t take the cash and take a secondary role. Easy enough to solve. However, if you are going to take the money (a lot more per year than most players receive), then you do have to drop the stupid grin and start making sense.


Many stood behind Tom Brady and this Deflategate scenario, even though Goodell made it a point to never mention the word Deflategate. He spoke, as well as the judge in the courtroom, about whether or not Brady was treated fairly by Goodell. Judge ruled in appeals court that Brady deserved punishment and Goodell deserved a clean slate (again). Whether fans of the Patriots or not doesn’t matter; this silly scenario that has been going on way too long, being treated like a crime instead of the abuse, drugs, alcohol, and racism problems that should be the top five crimes in the NFL, is just worn out and tired.


Even players like, QB Drew Brees, stated that the commissioner’s ability to serve as “judge, jury and executioner” has been a “black eye” for the NFL, and he is completely correct. America loves football, and with each new stumble Goodell takes he makes the sport, itself, look atrocious.


As far as the Patriots were concerned, even though (for now) they have lost their starting QB for four games this coming season, they sent a message out that they would “get over their lost pick” which is something else Goodell took away from them in the draft.


Goodell has already spoken about his past and what he wants to be: a principled leader who makes tough decisions and will stand alone if necessary. Note to Goodell: Perhaps you could do what is right instead of what is tough. Think before you act. Or, better yet, just think. As the fans have witnessed over and over again, that blank expression on his face is making him look more like a guy who has no clue what decisions he’s even making, let alone what sport he’s supposed to be representing.

Source:  Baret News


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