Charleston, South Carolina Offers “The Reel Deal” For the Angler

  Charleston, South Carolina Offers “The Reel Deal” For the Angler

By Amy Lignor

When it comes to the ultimate “catch” of a lifetime, the Charleston area is the perfect spot year-round for the angler to land their prey. Whether it be offshore or deep sea saltwater fishing, the professional, talented staff at a company called Reel Deal Charters are educated in all areas and have the ability to teach you tricks you may not yet know. Believe it or not, when it comes to fishing you are talking about a skilled sport; in other words, throwing some bait into the water is not all there is to it. Depth, structure, water temperature, barometric pressure and bottom composition are just a few of the factors that need to be taken into consideration when fishing for a specific species. And The Reel Deal has made sure to do all that and more for each group that wishes to find a guide that they will return to again and again to experience the best fishing excursions possible.  


With all boats fully equipped with the latest electronics and tackle, a great day of fishing in the Charleston area has been taken care of for you before you even arrive. All licenses, baits (live, cut, or artificial) and tackle are included in the price of the charters. On top of that, the company now offers fish replicas of your catch. And if you catch some of those “keeper” size fish, the company also partners with local restaurants where your catch will be prepared for you. (Bon Appétit!)  


Various charters that can be scheduled fall under both inshore and offshore categories. For the serious angler to the newbie, the inshore charters allow you to go after the monster reds, flounder, trout, sheepshead, or even shark. This is done by first speaking with the guides about your experience and capabilities so that the staff can determine the perfect journey to best meet your expectations. The majority of inshore excursions is done by the use of a trolling motor, casting the banks and flats to consistently produce action. Targeting reds and sheepshead at low tide make for longer runs. Later, however, when the tide moves in, the trout and flounder take over and provide action nonstop. It is definitely not rare to catch a large quantity – with some even totaling 50+ fish in one outing.  


When it comes to the offshore trip, you are talking about going deep sea bottom fishing which will take you and your group 20 to 50 miles out. Here you can expect everything from red and vermillion snapper to large triggerfish, grouper, sea bass, sharks and more. Talk about filling that cooler in no time at all! Trolling for this big game is a whole lot of fun, and Reel Deal’s fleet is equipped with outriggers, downriggers and top of the line equipment from Shimano and Penn. 10 hours is minimum when it comes to fishing for big game, and combination Big Game/Bottom Fishing trips are also able to be scheduled that will take you 40-80 miles out. Not into fishing and would rather see the scenery? Not a problem. Eco Tours are also available where you will be taken out to an island to commune with the abundant wildlife while looking at historic Charleston in the background. With so much to do and so much to see, The Reel Deal makes sure to cover all the bases. Prices vary depending on which amazing trip you wish to take, and amenities can be had from drinks to snacks to transportation; even babysitting and dog-sitting services are available upon request.  


You name it, it’s here. If you want to dive into that year-round offer of action, a great sport, as well as a time to simply sit back and enjoy the view, check out The Reel Deal Charters. There are all kinds of fish out there just waiting for the “battle” to begin, so head to and book your trip today!  




Original Source;  Sportsmans


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