Mark Menendez Fish Smart

Mark Menendez Fish Smart Yamaha Pro Mark Menendez will fish anytime, anywhere, and for any species! Just like many of us do, but Mark Menendez knows

Bait Colors Patrick Walters

Bait Colors Patrick Walters Fishing enthusiasts love to learn more about their favorite sport, and Yamaha Pro Fishing presents a great video, “Bait Colors

Canterbury’s Angler of the Year Season

Canterbury’s Angler of the Year Season Only Really Lasted 20 MinutesUnexpected Bites at Lake Tenkiller Saved Yamaha Pro’s SeasonAccording to Scott

Tips for Catching Your Favorite Fall Fish

Tips for Catching Your Favorite Fall Fish Yesterday’s trip was a reminder of how fall fishing really differs from every other season.

Holliday Snook Tactics

Lessons from a Snook Pro Captain will Up Your Linesider Success Mike Holliday is not your typical sportfishing captain. Sure, he has more than 30 years of experience guiding in Florida


Yamaha Pro Patrick Walters Believes Current Makes Bass Easier to Locate If it’s summer, don’t look for Patrick Walters to be fishing anywhere on the main body of a lake.  Instead, you’ll find the Yamaha Pro far upriver where he can work moving water. 

Silly Mistakes at the Boat Ramp

Miscues always become magnified when they’re seen by contemporaries who never seem to forget them. It’s as true in professional bass fishing as it is in everyday life, as veteran Yamaha Pro Jay Yelas can attest. Not long ago he was reminded once again of a little mistake he and his wife Jill made early one

Yamaha Pro Spencer Deutz Holds Youth and Family Fishing Event

Yamaha Pro Spencer Deutz Holds Youth and Family Fishing Event at the Seventh Stop for the Masters Walleye Circuit This year marks the ninth year that Yamaha Pro Angler Spencer Deutz has been promoting the sport of fishing through education and outreach. Spencer and

All-New FXR Bass Boat

Skeeter introduces the all-new FXR, the latest addition to the company’s premier bass boat line. Powered by the award-winning Yamaha V MAX SHO® 250 four-stroke outboard, the FXR redefines the standard. As a leader in performance fishing boats, Skeeter went the distance to create a boat that is packed with

Yamaha/Skeeter pro-Cliff Pace wins

Consistency matters in the unique bracket-style format of Major League Fishing. Keep at it, find your groove, and maintain the pace. True to his name, Cliff

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