Artomé Supports Art Teachers in Schools across America


By Amy Lignor

Supporting your schools, Art Classes is easy and fun too!

Today, there is one company that completely understands, supports, and assists Art Teachers in celebrating the importance of creativity and Art in schools across America. Artomé is dedicated to supporting Art Teachers and providing an excellent service for School Art Shows in order to showcase student artworks while creating a great fund-raising opportunity for Art Educators.

Artomé Supports Art Teachers in Schools across America Artome’s art shows are a win-win for students, parents, and Art Educators with an excellent service that brings everyone together for a common goal.

School Art Shows by Artome

School budgets continue to be reduced, and often all of us know that teachers purchase supplies for their classrooms in order to make ends meet, especially in art classes.  Artome has designed a great program that enables our partners to provide their students a “framed” artwork, operate a working art show for a family night with students while assisting with raising critical funds necessary for student artwork.


 Help your Art Teachers and Students with a School Art Show with Artome

Artome’s art shows are a win-win for students, parents, and Art Educators with an excellent service that brings everyone together for a common goal. Since 2007, Artome has been hosting shows virtually across the county, supporting students and art teachers. Imagine your young Artists seeing their work framed and on display in their school.  This is quite often the first time the very first time children are seeing their Artwork framed!

The Artome Process

Artomé also understands that every place of learning and location has different objectives for their event. The Artome Process is simple, turnkey for teachers, and a great way to support the entire school community.


 A simple process for a School Art Show by Artome

Artome only charges for frames that sell as a result of the Art Show. Each Partner School sets the price and keeps the revenue less the frame costs. Artomé works with every school partner to find the easiest way to meet the specific financial objectives for their school.

Once you book your show, you’re provided with Artomé Art Paper for your students to utilize. Every student has an original, professionally framed piece of artwork for the show. In addition, the school is provided with digital marketing supplies to help “get the word out” and “bring the parents and neighbors in” to enjoy the event. Artomé then sets up the Art Show and breaks it down when the show comes to an end.

artome fund raising for art teachers

Simply stated, Art Teachers focus on teaching, the students focus on their own creativity and having fun, and proceeds from the frame sales is generated for teachers to create more projects, purchase additional supplies, and much more.

In today’s world of ever-tightening school budgets, Art Teachers need additional support, and this program greatly assists in meeting this critical need. Artomé takes care of the details for a successful fundraiser and art show!

If you are a teacher, Art Teacher, or a member of a school-parent organization, check out the great benefits Artome will deliver for your school’s Art Program. Booking a school art show is easy, and the process is as simple as the A, B, C’s!

Learn more about Artomé and the incredible Art Show available for your school at: https://artomé.com.  Take a moment and join Artome’s Facebook PageInstagramTwitterLinkedInPinterest, and Youtube for examples of several art shows. 


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