Top April Vacation Hot Spots


Top April Vacation Hot Spots

By Burt Carey

Spring is in the air. Of course, we say that just about every year, but what makes 2016 different are the fantastic deals vacationers can get compared to winter’s high rates.

Sure, it’s warming up in the states, but the sunshine and moderate temperatures in the Caribbean, Central America and South America make April the absolute best month of the year to travel.

Here are some destinations to look into.

Cartagena, Columbia

Cartagena, ColumbiaWith an average high temperature of just 86 degrees (F) and lows commonly in the mid-70s, Cartagena, Columbia could be a real bargain. The rainy season typically begins in May and winter crowds have departed, so April, with its average rainfall of less than one inch, is the best time to book a room at a high-end beach hotel here.

Budget travelers rave about the inexpensive food and drinks in Cartagena, even in some of the most elegant establishments. White sand beaches are a major draw, and for the tourist-minded, the historic walled city comes with a variety of surprises.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Cartagena, ColumbiaMuch as it is in Cartagena, Costa Rica’s capital city enjoys moderate weather in April, averaging highs in the upper 70s and lows in the 60s with very little rain. San Jose itself isn’t much of a catch on the tourism meter, but It’s a good launching point to see this beautiful Central American country.

Those who have waited until now to start making reservations are in luck here. The winter crowds usually depart San Jose in early to mid-March, leaving hotels to lower their prices to some of the best rates of the year.

Cancun, Mexico

I know what two words you’re thinking: Spring Break.

Cartagena, ColumbiaFortunately, the college crowds have long since departed Cancun by April. This would include Playa del Carmen and offshore on the island of Cozumel. Too bad for them, as the temperatures will be hitting near 90 degrees, with overnight lows in the 70s and little chance of rain.

All of that adds up to plenty of hotel/resort rooms that are being offered at tremendous discounts, including some of the area’s all-inclusive resorts. For the perfect vacation, where days are spent on the beach or doing some other type of water-based activity, and nights can be danced away to tunes turned by lively DJs. This is Cancun as you won’t see it at any other time of the year.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana, Dominican RepublicPunta Cana is where you’ll find the best deal for an all-inclusive vacation in April. While winter room rates for deluxe accommodations are quite appealing at area resorts here, the rates go even lower in April.

Huge European resorts are fronted by white, sandy beaches in this area, and they compete fiercely on price during the non-peak months. You can get an all-inclusive room at a quality 4-star beach resort in Punta Cana for less than $200 per night for two people. The rooms by themselves are worth the price, but remember that unlimited food and drinks are included.

With temperatures in the mid-80s, lows in the mid-70s and little chance of rain, Punta Cana is hard to beat.


Source:  Baret News


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