Tidewater 2400 Bay Max a Leader in Coastal Hybrid Category


Tidewater 2400 Bay Max a Leader in Coastal Hybrid Category

By Craig Lamb

Take a close look at the Tidewater 2400 Bay Max and you will discover a bay boat with inshore and offshore capabilities. What is more, this coastal crossover offers family comforts, too, in a full featured bay boat from Tidewater Boats.

The 2400 Bay Max is a big boat with lots of room to roam when a spacious deck is needed for casting big baits, setting trolling rigs and fighting big fish.

When the catch comes aboard, there are large fish boxes to handle the job. Dual live wells keep baits separated and healthy for a long day on the water. Lockable rod storages provide security and keep unused rigs aboard the boat instead of back home. For rigs at the ready, you can store those at quick-access gunwale rod holders. And a spacious XLT console is laid out with controls at the fingertips, with plenty of room for mounting electronics and even storing tackle and gear. 

The 2400 Bay Max has a centerline of 24’ 4”, and a wide beam spanning 8’ 8.” A fuel capacity of 77 gallons provides peace of mind when making long runs offshore. The 2400 Bay Max is rated for 300 horsepower with a recommended 200 h.p. for optimum performance and fuel economy. View the full spec sheet here.


Tidewater Boats are designed with distinctive Carolina Flair, setting up the dry ride, to direct waves away from the hull using reverse chines. Tidewater likes to appropriately call that feature the Dry Chine Ride.

Carolina Flair and the Dry Chine Ride are enhanced by another feature adding to the smooth, dry ride. The Corrugated Grid Stringer Vertebra absorbs the shock of waves against the hull in choppy water. Filled with foam to reduce noise and vibration, the stringer system works like a human skeleton to create a rigid, unified construction that tightly secures all of the internal parts. Those include fuel tanks, consoles, seating and storage compartments that are fastened to the stringer system. To ensure a solid, tight fit, every stringer system is customized for each Tidewater model.

Another defining Tidewater feature is the Spray Relief Point. That is the point of impact on the hull deflecting water away from the boat. Multiple SRP areas enhance the characteristic dry ride of the Tidewater.

2400_bay_max5Composite construction, foam filled hulls, cored decks and gunwales plus much more quality design, materials and construction are extras that come with the price of a Tidewater.

By taking extra steps not found in most brands, Tidewater has the confidence in providing owners a 10-year, transferrable warranty that covers the hull.

Tidewater stays close to it’s saltwater roots with the manufacturing facility located in Lexington, S.C. Find out more about the complete lineup of models, find a Tidewater dealer at tidewaterboats.com. Visit the growing community of Tidewater owners on Facebook at Tidewater Boats LLC.

Original Source: Sportsmans Lifestyle.com