The New “IN” Thing Just Happens to be “UP”


The New “IN” Thing Just Happens to be “UP”

by Amy Lignor


Whether you choose South Africa or Yankee, Connecticut, the new “in” places to travel and lay your head just happen to be based on the one “resort” that Tarzan was so proud of. Yes. You guessed it…the swank, high-class, relaxing treehouse. All over the globe people have decided to sink money (a great deal of it) into creating one of the oddest choices to stay architecturally. An “odd” choice that just so happened to catch on with the spending public. So if you’re ready to be “Jane” – with an incredibly open pocketbook – and stay in that lovely treehouse with your hubby (wearing a loincloth and banging his fists on his chest are optional, by the way), here are the places to go…up!


tree house getaways, floating vacations, unique travel experiences, summertime funIf you want that awesome margarita while relaxing, head to Playa Viva, Mexico and look…up. In those palm trees above your head, staring out over the stunning, vibrant landscape located north of Acapulco, you can rent an eco-friendly treehouse. This is a double “in” thing, considering that going green was the basis of how this particular treehouse was constructed. Using only sustainable materials, guests are supplied with solar-generated electricity and hot water. But this isn’t a “trip to the jungle,” mind you. You also receive a king-sized bed, up close and personal ocean views, and a built-in hammock. ($445/night – and up)


Hey, there mate! How about heading to Australia, going into that Blue Mountains rainforest and staying up in pure luxury? Bilpin, New South Wales, is a secluded treehouse. And when I say “secluded” I mean it. Set between two national parks on 600 acres of private land, this treehouse will offer you a spa, a kitchenette, and a fireplace. You’ll be extremely pampered as you bond with nature. ($729/night – and up)


Can you imagine “floating” in Costa Rica? No, this treehouse is not set on the back of a giant eagle, but it is highly impressive to look at up above the jungle. You will look out over the Bay of Hermosa and enjoy luxury amenities like a private masseuse and a private chef while “floating” amidst the trees. ($3,850/week)


tree house getaways, floating vacations, unique travel experiences, summertime funThe unique beauty and solace of South Africa can be experienced up at the Tsala Treetop Lodge. In the depths of South Africa’s never-ending and almost fantastical land, people can rent a stone-clad treetop suite or two-bedroom villa. Six miles west of Plettenberg Bay, these elegant suites scream luxury and enchantment with sitting rooms, fireplaces or, if choosing one of the six treetop villas, a luxurious lounge and dining area. ($350/night – and up)


Wanting something a little closer to home? In Big Sur at the Post Ranch Inn in California, you will find treehouses (built on stilts) set high up above the Pacific. There, you will spend your days enjoying an indoor spa tub, a private deck, as well as being offered yoga and nature hikes at the inn. You’ll also have the option of enjoying a daily gourmet buffet breakfast and the inn’s unforgettable infinity pool. ($775/night – and up)


tree house getaways, floating vacations, unique travel experiences, summertime funLast, but not least, if you want a Yankee experience then head to Winvian Farm in Connecticut. This is a treehouse cottage set up at this luxurious cottage/farm retreat in Morris. Looking down upon the forest floor resting thirty-five feet below, you can enjoy an evening by the fireplace, relax in the Jacuzzi, and check out the full bar that’s there at your disposal. New England’s lower forest makes this suspended resort an absolute haven among the trees. ($559/night – and up)


It is a fact that all locations listed up above would be havens even for the King of the Jungle, himself. But remember…do not swing from any vines. Tarzan was a professional, after all.


Source:  Baret News


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