The “Grand” Role


The “Grand” Role

by Amy Lignor


There are tons of parenting magazines out there that offer support, advice, and more to the expectant parent or parents. And, I think we can all agree, there are millions of people who wish to offer up advice on everything from how to treat said baby to how you should raise them, educate them, talk to them – heck, there are millions who will be more than happy to advise you grandparents, grandest role, the perfect gift, gift of loveon just about every aspect of your baby’s future. This, however, is not one of those articles. This is an article for those excited grandparents. Ones who are looking forward to their first grandchild coming over to the house so they can feed them chocolate and then…send them home with Mom and/or Dad so the child can drive them nuts. (Oh, come on, you know you’re looking forward to doing that).


All comedians have told the jokes; they have brought up your very own parents who smiled when they became grandparents because they knew that they were now donning the hat of the person the child would love and dote upon, while leaving the temper tantrums and pain for the parental unit to deal with. In other words, from one “almost” new grandparent to the others out there, I wish to say: Congratulations, you have the “grandest” role in the family! It’s a big deal – and I will offer no advice whatsoever.


This world is different now. My parents were happily married, and both came from families where their parents were happily married for over fifty years. Nowadays, the family unit can be grandparents raising the child, single moms, single dads – and the list goes on. No one needs advice on “how they should do” everything. What they need is support and absolute love.


But what about that perfect gift that a grandparent can give to the child that will light up their world? Well, there are millions out there in every store. And as the child grows the electronic world will most likely be offering cell phones soon that fly, computers that educate through a robotic voice that comes to life by touching a button…heck, “The Jetsons” will most likely be the world we’re living in by the time the grandbaby’s born this year hit ten years of age. But what about that unique gift? The gift that goes on long after you don’t? Here are some great options to look into that will end up being a large part of your precious grandbaby’s future.


A great do-it-yourself project for the baby is to put together a hope chest. Mommy and/or Daddy are going to be extremely busy, and they want to have something easy and on-hand where they can keep the baby’s memories together. Creating that special chest to put these things in will help the parent(s) keep all mementoes safely stored so that the baby, once grown, can hold in their hands the beauty, peace, and fun memories from his/her childhood.


If you are the outdoorsy type and have a yard or garden you love to take care of, planting a tree or a bush/flower for the new grandbaby is an awesome thing to do. Watching the tree grow as your beloved grandchild grows, perhaps even taking a photo of grandbaby by the tree every year, is a great way to cherish the time you spend together.


Speaking of time, a personal time capsule is also an amazing gift for the grandchild. The papers and photos from the day they are born, to the cards and letters of congratulations, special gifts, lockets, etc., all can come together and be placed in a handmade time capsule for Mom and/or Dad to give to the special boy or girl one day.


Passing down the collectibles or creating traditions is also a wonderful way to honor the new grandbaby. Perhaps you give your own child a special gift each year, or have a certain color and type of flower that you give to them to celebrate their birthday, Mother’s Day, etc. If you do, you can carry on that tradition with the grandchild. Handmade blankets, a certain gift for each birthday, or choosing one personal thing every year that you wish to pass down to them can be done. Traditions are wonderful things to continue.


Last, but not least, is something this particular soon-to-be new grandmother is doing. Start a book or write a letter to the grandbaby on the day they are born. Tell them all about what occurred, the emotions that were felt by everyone when they were blessed by grandbaby’s entrance into their lives. This is one letter/book that the baby will be able to have for the rest of time.


Above all, enjoy the new life that’s been injected into the family. The one perfect gift for the grandbaby is the gift of love, which you can give for a good, long time to come.

Source:  Baret News


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