Predictions That Came True Could Spawn a Future Nightmare


Predictions That Came True Could Spawn a Future Nightmare

by Amy Lignor


Every year, whether it be TIME Magazine, National Geographic, or the thousands of Hollywood blogs out there, a list comes out of predictions for the future. From inventing something people could actually sit in front of and be able to “watch” news in their own living rooms, to someone being able to land on the moon, there have been prophecies that “seemed” completely far-fetched and illogical, only to then become fact rather than fiction.


Time Magazine, National Geographic, the future, predictions, what is nextTruth was found in the prediction that the global population would skyrocket, which it most definitely has, and the world’s resources would wane dramatically, which they have. Technology and the invention of the computer did offer up millions of jobs and create a world that once only George Jetson could experience. It is amazing to look back and see what has actually come true, but also a bit frightening. After all, if things that were once called science fiction did become a part of daily life, then what exactly will we see next? Is the year 2017 going to show a world where cars fly? Not so silly when you see a car actually driving itself across the country. Will people without NASA certificates one day travel to the moon? Not so silly, considering the work being done in New Mexico by a billionaire who is not going to surrender until he proves he can build a transport that does just that.


In 1909, a man named Tesla said there would be a product invented that would “enable its bearer to hear anywhere on sea or land for distances of thousands of miles.” A century later, that instrument ended up in the pockets of all Americans. A step further made the cell phone an evil device when the number of car accident deaths rose.


It was TIME, back in 1951, that stated the “grandchildren of the TV age would not be able to read.” Has this come true? Well…words like ‘LOL’ and ‘BYOB’ have become accepted vocabulary, and when it comes to actual books, the future of libraries is uncertain. One and all have chosen to read, write and practically live through their cell phone. TIME was concerned that the public would become television-obsessed. They had no reason to be nervous in regards to a phone being the object that would cause people to stop looking others in the eye. Are people, as TIME lamented, “becoming less literate by the minute?” Absolutely. No offense intended, of course, but when you walk through a tag sale and see a label on a trash bin that reads: “Waistbasket” then you have problems in your society.


One prediction that hasn’t come true, and is unfortunate, was made in 1956 by Dr. Francois Ody. Ody said that there would be a miracle pill created to cure ALL illnesses – from the flu to cancer. Ody said that hospitals would disappear because they would become useless. We shall keep our fingers crossed for that one. Of course, if we’ve learned anything in the recent past, it’s that the financial foundation of this country relies on the insurance industry, which means if the hospitals go, jobs will too.


Nostradamus, a famous man known for his prophecies did give truthful predictions of major events, depending on how you look at them. From stating in his writings that the “blood of the just will be demanded of London; Burnt by the fire in the year 66,” and then noting the Great Fire of London in 1666 that destroyed the medieval City of London; to stating that “volcanic fire from the centre of the earth will cause trembling around the new city,” and then seeing the tragic 9/11 (which made millions many think that the man was speaking about the “centre of the earth” being the trade centre and the “new city” being New York). Although Nostradamus’s predictions were made up mostly of death and destruction, they did turn from “looney” to positively frightening.


So what about the future now? Well, if you want frightening, just think of how the world could change overnight if President Trump came into being.


Source:  Baret News


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