Independence Day Celebration – Harrison Town Fair, July 2

Date: July 02, 2017

Time: 9:00 am

The Town of Harrison is celebrating “Independence Day” and the “Harrison Town Fair” on Sunday July 2, 2017. The Fair will host exciting activities such as Music, Food, Vendor Marketplace, Games and more. 

Located in Hudson County in New Jersey, Harrison was once know as the Beehive of Industry because the town’s southern end manufactured all sorts of products including electronics and top secret munitions for WWI and WWII. The Town of Harrison has become the subject of conversations.

Those who have been residents for decades are proud of a diverse community. New residents are starting to understand what it means to be a Harrisonian. 

*Interested vendors and/or sponsors for this or future events please email for more info.


Library Park
415 Harrison Ave.
Harrison, NJ 07029

Contact: 862-236-0258