Great idea to find your perfect knife!


Great idea to find your perfect knife!

Tammy Shepard

BFMG Staff

Regardless if you hunt, fish, camp or need the perfect knife for work, the choices to find your perfect blade are massive! Certainly, there are numerous retail stores, catalogs and online opportunities to shop in order to get the right knife for the right job.

The choices from fix or folding blades offered from mass producers or even a custom knife are virtually, sheaths and many more options are almost equally as numerous.

Instead of spending a tremendous amount of time searching the internet, learning more about metals, designs and other aspects, attending a knife show may be your best bet to educate yourself about the subject for your specific needs. 

Typically, there are many ‘custom knife” manufacturers at these shows. Their work is spectacular!  In fact, I recently held a custom knife that was being sold for $15,000! Certainly, this one was for a collector and not the average deer hunter looking for a typical “gutting tool.”

A key advantage in attending a cutlery show, in addition to looking at key cutlery, manufactures products such as Buck, Gerber, Kershaw, Case, and others are the fact you will see many different designs, materials and much more within a wide range of prices. Plus, every knife “manufacture” is more than open to spending significant time to discuss materials, blades, handles, and additional details.  It is a fantastic way to learn about metals and the real process

A key factor many do not consider when looking at knives is really understanding the steel. There has been a tremendous amount of steel from China used in knives, and frankly, it’s quality is significantly less than steel produced in the US.  Plus, with stainless, carbon and even meteorite materials in use to build knives, options are almost endless.

With a few upcoming trips, I was seeking more information about obtaining a solid filet knife as well as a general purpose fixed blade knife for camp and hunting. Interestingly, I was able to select a very moderately priced custom filet knife but ended up selecting a fixed blade knife from W.R. Case Cutlery, a mass producer of quality knives all of us have seen in the market. This decision enabled me to be a bit more selective in finding a custom knife for specialized work with many features for filleting fish and maintaining my budget by selecting general purpose knife from a well-known manufacturer.

It is a great idea to attend a few of the ‘Blade Shows” in your area. All knives are not the same, and when I am at the dock cleaning fish, the discussions about fillet knives is almost as diverse as what bait to use to catch the largest redfish! But by spending a little time with the experts that build these great tools, your knowledge about knives, materials, design, and construction will pay off when selecting your perfect blade that can last you a lifetime. 


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