APEX Covert Pro


APEX Covert Pro

by Brad Fenson

Anyone struggling with a problem seeing their pins will appreciate the easy-to-use APEX COVERT™ PRO sight. When turned to full illumination, even someone with far-sighted issues will quickly see the benefits. Shooters using progressive lenses should also have a look at this sight. Where it really shines is in different hunting situations, where the versatility of the single dot becomes apparent.

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With one aiming dot in the sight, it simplifies target acquisition and eliminates pin confusion. More archers are going to, or at least looking at, a single pin, movable sight. Whether you hunt from a blind or treestand where you have time to range and dial in the distance for the shot, or prefer to hunt spot-and-stalk where a longer range shot may be required, a single-pin sight with range adjustment wheel provides plenty of benefits.

APEX Covert Pro brad fenson 1U7A6821The new APEX GEAR™ COVERT™ PRO is the newest technology to hit the market. It has a lens with a single illuminated dot in the center, surrounded by a crosshair for easy target procurement. The dot has 11 brightness settings to satisfy every vision requirement. This sight would be deadly in the hands of night hunters pursuing predators and hogs. However, the simplicity of use makes it appealing to open-country hunters and stand hunters alike.

We all know it’s easy to leave a battery turned on, but with this sight’s 700-hour battery rating, you’ll know it will be in good working order for the entire length of a hunt, even if you make a mistake.

Harnessed in the sight’s housing is the new PWR•DOT™ ILLUMINATED CENTER•DOT TECHNOLOGY. This new technology gives you an adjustable green LED center dot with 11 brightness settings providing you superior long distance accuracy. The aperture housing also allows for easy vertical and horizontal tilt adjustments for more fine-tuning options.

The micro-drive windage adjustment is locked with an Allen key providing an accurate, smooth adjustment that only needs to be done for initial sight in.

The elevation adjustment is achieved with an ultra-smooth, easy-to-use wheel to increase or decrease elevation for various range shots. The wheel stays in place, and has a lock for consistent use APEX Covert Pro brad fenson 1U7A6818and to ensure you are shooting the range you set the sight for. The housing moves a full 1 ½ inches to accommodate a wide range of speed for the different bows on the market. There are adjustable travel stops to prevent the sight from coming apart when turning the elevation wheel to maximum adjustment on either end.

A sight tape, on the inside edge of the vertical adjustment housing, faces the shooter, making it easy to see. Once you’ve determined the speed of your bow, you place one of the pre-calibrated tapes on the edge of the housing. You can also make a customized tape for your specific shooting and sighting requirements, but with over 120 tapes included, you likely won’t have to. The tapes are color-coded for distance and quick reference.

An indicator pin moves up and down the tape as you turn the elevation wheel, pointing to the various distance markings on the tape. The sight provides adjustment on the 2nd and 3rd axis for up or downhill shooting. The level is illuminated to ensure quick line of sight even in low light conditions.

There are three different mounting options depending on your bow setup. This sight is very easy to set up and start using. It also provides two different mounting screw holes for quiver attachment.

The mounting bracket allows for use on right-or-left handed bows. It is fully reversible by removing two screws.

The sight also comes with a neoprene housing cover to protect the lens when traveling or stalking through hazardous terrain.

With an MSRP of $245.00, you get what you pay for.

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Original Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle.com 


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